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Sermon & Crystal Speak Workshop at Albertson Church-Nov 30

Quartz Crystal ClusterOn Sunday, November 30th come on out to the Albertson Memorial Church for Spirituality in Old Greenwich,CT.
Service begins at 11:00 AM and Rev. Deborah Steen Ross, affectionately known as Dean Deb by her students and alumni,  is the guest speaker. You can count on her spiritual message , “Who Am I,”  to be timely and uplifting.
From 1:30 – 3:30 that same afternoon, Rev. Ross will conduct a
There will be various sizes and types of crystal points and clusters for participants’ to practice with. She will also channel any crystal you may wish to bring.
In this workshop, you can
  • Begin to understand the energy of crystals, and the way that they communicate with us.
  • Learn to understand and develop your own intuitive powers in talking to and working with crystals:
    for healing, meditation, calming, pain, knowledge and much more.

Crystals will be available for working with and purchase, and Deborah will channel any crystal that you purchase that day, either for yourself or as a gift. Special handmade jewelry pieces that hold certain energies will be available for purchase as well. With the holidays approaching, crystals make a terrific and meaningful gift when channeled for that special someone. Cash, check or credit cards accepted and you’ll receive a free gift bag with each purchase.

Fee: $40 at the door, payable to Albertson Church.

Let us know if you’re coming, or if you need more information contact, DeanDebNY@aol.com

In addition to being an Interspiritual Minister and Director of New Vision Interspiritual Seminary, Deborah Steen Ross is a Crystal Whisperer: Crystals speak to her. She has loved stones and crystals ever since she was eight years old and found a small amethyst point while walking to school.  She apprenticed with the late Betty L.M. Greenberg, the “Crystal Lady” of Los Angeles in the mid 1980’s and found that she could feel and hear the energies of the crystals in her beloved teacher’s house. Now she speaks to them and they speak to her, and part of her healing work is connecting the right stone to the right person.

Responding to Challenging World Events

The constant bombardment of ‘bad’ news around the world can be difficult to deal with. In this clip from Rev. Ross’s Sunday talk at the Unity Center of Norwalk, CT she discusses how you can respond in a way which helps you release stress and achieve balance.

Our Latest Newsletter

Read our latest newsletter here: Announcing our New Name http://conta.cc/1wrvYpg.

Changing our Name

In August both Rabbi Roger and I, incredibly sad and troubled that the Goddess energy was co-opted by forces that are using her name, Isis, for something other than good, made the decision to not allow our Seminary to go forward bearing that name.

Now, we are pleased to announce that new name of the Seminary has been chosen and we can now talk about it and use it,  and it is (may I have a drum roll please) …

New Vision Interspiritual Seminary

Thank you Rev. Stephanie Dowrick  from Down Under for your suggestion, to the others that came close, and to all of you who so generously gave of your ideas and names. All of the names were considered, prayed over, and we are SO grateful for your input and your ideas.

We are using NVIS for short.

Our updated website address is www.newvisionseminary.org, and the email is  NVISeminary@gmail.com

Spiritual Summit for Social Change

Participants at Spiritual Summit for Social Change in NYC Sep 13 2014

Spiritual Summit for Social Change

I was delighted to have been invited to be part of a panel at The Spiritual Summit for Social Change on Saturday the 13th of September at the Second Presbyterian Church in NYC. The title of the panel was “Seeking to Move Beyond the Differences Between the World’s Religions,” and in it we discussed why we have religions, the differences between religion and spirituality, do we really still need religion and many other  questions around religion and. spirituality.

There were about 17 groups and panels throughout the day and there must have been upward of 300-400 people participating .

This Summit was created by Kurt Johnson, author of THE COMING INTERSPIRITUAL AGE, and was connected to the United Religious Initiative (URI) and the CSVGC – The Committee on Spiritual Values and Global Concerns at the United Nations, New York.

Some of the luminaries who were there included, and shown here, were Kurt Johnson, JJ and Desiree Hurtak, Victoria and Ron Friedman, Jodi Serota, Alan Steinfeld, Mitchell Rabin, Rev. Deborah Moldow, Monica Willard and Audrey Kitagawa , plus many more.

What a great day, with wonderful breakout sessions, music, sacred altar for the earth and more.

Now Accepting Applications for New Students

Buddha Gift from Class of 2014We are still accepting Applications for New and Accelerated Students for classes beginning Fall 2014.
Are you or do you know someone who is eager to explore Interfaith/Interspirituality from a new perspective of Universal Humanity?
We are looking for confident, spiritually connected adults, from Spiritually Awake Millennials to Boomers looking for their third career, all of whom wish to make a difference in the new emerging world. 
We invite you to join us as an attending or distance learner for an exciting new paradigm in Interspiritual Understanding. All classes are Live Streamed.
Get your applications in now – Classes begin September 6! Click Here for Application Information . Click here for our latest newsletter.

Ordination 2014

New Vision Interspiritual Seminary - Ordination
Sunday June 1, 2014
The Church Center for The United Nations
777 First Ave at 44th St
New York, N.Y. 10017
We are pleased to announce that Ordination for the Class of 2014 will be held in The Tillman Chapel at the United Nations in New York City.

The Tillman Chapel, located on the ground floor of CCUN, is an ecumenical chapel offered as a sacred space, opening its doors to the U.N. community and the many and diverse faith traditions of its people. The chapel is intended to be a place where religious voices can come together and declare their deepest desire for peace and justice to reign and to call themselves and others to more dedicated action for the sake of the world. In recent years the chapel has become a vibrant center for worship and the arts, linking ritual and celebration to critical issues on the U.N. agenda. The chapel’s outer wall directly facing the U.N. bears a stained glass and concrete sculpture of the “all seeing eye” of God, symbolizing that in the midst of humanity’s struggle with destruction and violence, God is ever present. It is in turning to God that humanity is able to escape despair and bring about peace.

We feel that The Tillman Chapel is a fitting place to Ordain our next class of Interfaith/InterSpiritual Ministers to share the Oneness of our global culture with others.

If you would like to join us to help celebrate the Ordination of the Class of 2014, please contact us at isisinterfaith@gmail.com

Classes in the New Vision Seminary Space

Ron Navarre


In February, our First Year Students participated in a lecture on The Way of the Tao and  a presentation of energy movement (Qigong) by Ron Navarre, Taoist Master. Everyone in the class and on the live stream got to experience what it felt like to do simple Tai Chi / Quigong movements, moving energy powerfully through their bodies.




Our other presenters for February included Swami Parameshananda
from the UN, on Hinduism, and Dean Deb on Energy Healing.
In March, our First Year students continue their comparative studies of world religions with lectures on Judaism with Rabbi Roger, the History of Modern Psychology by Rev. Susan Mufson, and Catholicism by Rev. Michael Theogene. Dean Paula Boccia will also begin their training as Spiritual Counselors with a lesson on Active Listening Skills.
To learn more about our programs please explore our website, contact us or click on the link on the left for an application. If you would like to recommend out programs, please feel welcome to share this post using the buttons below.

“Do the little things…”

March 1- in the English and Welsh calendar, is Saint David, or Dewi Sant’s Day, the Welsh Saint.
Although he died in the Sixth Century CE, he is remembered by one of his small sayings; “Do the little things…”
What does this mean?  How do we, in this busy day and age, just “do the little things”?  Does it mean going out of our way a bit , to make sure someone has that extra cup of coffee in the morning, or finding a ‘lost’, vitally important piece of paper that your spouse absolutely cannot find? Does it mean making sure that your child has that special snack in his/her lunch that means so much to them?
And what about the little things we could be doing for ourselves each day? What can we do to remember that we too, are special, and deserving of ‘the little things’. What does that mean for you?
For me it means taking the time to begin to unpack and set up my craft nook area in my office.  Something I have been looking at for coming on 5 months now, and not done anything about.  The process of beginning to create a place just for me to create beautiful things, has added an excitement to my life; a “me gift” to myself. This ‘little thing’,  done just for me,  by me, makes me feel cared for and happy amidst the end of February cold and frozen snow of New York  ( and the threat of yet another blizzard Monday…).
So what ‘little thing’ will you do today for yourself or someone else, that could make a difference?
Dean Deb

End of Year Retreat Preparations are Underway

Mercy Center - End of Year Retreat - International Seminary in NYC, New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess, Fairfield, Ulster, Bergen, Long Island, Nassau County, New York
The culmination of the school year are the Spring Retreats and Ordination. We are pleased to announce that this year’s retreats will be held at the beautiful Mercy Center in Madison, CT. Dean Deb visited in January to tour the facilities and stroll along the beach and gardens. The Center is located on 33 acres on the shoreline of Long Island Sound and features sea breezes, beach front, gardens, a labyrinth, chapel, bookstore, art gallery and a greenhouse.

The First Year Retreat will be held Sunday-Wednesday, May 25-28 and the Second Year Retreat will begin Wednesday, May 28 and run to Friday May May 30.  Ordination  will be on Sunday, June 1, 2014.

During their retreats student participate in rituals and academic evaluations. They share community meals and evening activities as they move further along their own spiritual paths, or prepare to become ordained.  Please keep our Ordainees in your thoughts and prayers, sending them positive energy during this very special week of reflection and growth.