Electives Are Available Online!

Electives are extra short courses created to enhance the regular course material and the experience of the First and Second Year Programs. They are available to students, graduates and the public, and are designed to create a sacred space where all may come, experience and learn. The courses are reasonably priced and each student is required to sign up for at least two electives per year, although many choose more than two. 

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1. Calling All Empaths

  • Fee – $150

Understanding Your Sensitivity and Letting it Work for You

Have you ever been called ‘too sensitive’? Have you ever wondered why some people’s energies stick with you and you can’t get rid of them? Have you ever tried to heal or counsel someone and ended up with their energy or their problems?

Many of us believe we are just too vulnerable to the world around us, or we just can’t adjust to people or energies. Perhaps it is not that at all. Perhaps you are an Empath and you don’t know it. In this workshop we will focus on what it means to be empathic, how to use it to help people and the world, and how to help yourself stay balanced and not affected by all the energies you come in contact with. We will do exercises and meditations to help each of us connect with that empathic, intuitive being inside of us and learn how to release the unwanted energies that we take on.

Presenter: Reverend Deborah Steen Ross

Reverend Deborah has been in the Holistic Health field for more than 30 years with certifications in Nutritional Counseling, Applied Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy and Counseling and holds Masterships in four styles of Reiki including The Radiance Technique ©. She has studied many forms of energy healing and has created her own technique called Release ® which works with concepts of Issue Therapy and energetic release work. Reverend Deborah teaches workshops in energy healing and has a private practice in spiritual counseling and healing work. She is the Founder and Director of New Vision Interspiritual Seminary (NVIS).


2. The Interfaith Wedding For Ministers *

  • Fee – $350

Two Day Workshop for Clergy and 2nd Year Ministerial Students only

From the First Phone Call to the “I Do”

This course will demonstrate how to organize and work with Interfaith couples to create the perfect marriage ceremony for each couple, no matter what their religious beliefs. We begin with how to talk to prospective couples (and their parents if necessary), and how to close the deal, make contracts, and then how to create the ceremony. We will also cover advertising, what to do the day of the wedding, how to fill out wedding licenses and much more.

Presenter: Reverend Deborah Steen Ross 

Reverend Deborah has been a wedding officiant since 1997, and is delighted to create all kinds of weddings-Interfaith Religious, LGBT, and Spiritual Ceremonies as well as non-religious and civil unions; all different, and all done with great love. She presents wedding ceremonies as both a single officiant, or with her husband Rabbi Roger Ross, to create a personal ceremony for each couple.

 Presenter: Rabbi Roger Ross 

Rabbi Roger received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Philosophy from New York University, and is a graduate of The New Seminary in New York City. He received Smicha (Rabbinical Ordination) from the Rabbinical Seminary International. He is the Board Chair and the CFO of the New Vision Interspiritual Seminary (NVIS). Rabbi Ross has a private practice in Marital Counseling as well as Spiritual Counseling for couples and singles.

 Rabbi Ross and Rev. Ross often perform interfaith weddings together and have created a method of working with couples and creating the perfect ceremony for each occasion: www.lovingheartsceremonies.com


3. Pre-Marital Counseling *

  • Fee – $150

For Clergy and 2nd Year Ministerial Students only 

This course will cover specific topics and information needed for the minister who plans to counsel and care for couples as they move through the time preceding and leading up to creating their wedding/civil union. Includes lecture, role play, individual reflection, large and small group discussion and process. We will consider some Interfaith and cross cultural considerations, as well as blended families, family of origin, issues around intimacy, money, power and communication.

Presenters: Rabbi Roger Ross and Rev. Susan Mufson, LCSW         

Susan Mufson LCSW, is an ordained Interfaith Minister (graduate of TNS) and a psychotherapist in private practice in New York City. She specializes in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, childhood trauma and abuse, traumatic bereavement, as well as spiritual issues. Rev. Susan frequently offers classes and workshops on religious injury and the human/animal bond.


4. First Degree Reiki For Ministers

(Certification Program – In-person training only)

  • Fee – $350

Two Day Workshop / Certificate at Completion

First Degree Reiki uses Universal Energy in a non-manipulative gentle touch method working with the Chakra system to bring light, balance and healing to a person on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels. First Degree Reiki is perfect for hospital patients and their families, as well as all others and ourselves.

For Chaplains, Reiki is a way of offering Universal Energy to patients and families utilizing gentle touch or no touch in a non-threatening, non-invasive, inconspicuous way. For Ministers who wish to work with aspects of healing in their ministries, Reiki provides a simple to learn way to promote wellness and balance in others and themselves and to reduce stress and burn out.

Presenter: Reverend Deborah Steen Ross

(Bio – see above.)


5. Second Degree Reiki For Ministers

(Certification Program – In-person training only)

  • Fee – $600

Two Day Workshop/ Certificate at Completion – Prerequisite 1st Degree Reiki

Second Degree Reiki offers a more powerful way of sending Universal Energy to people without physically touching them. Through the use of several ancient Universal Symbols, practitioners will learn how to send Universal Energy to others. It will enhance the ability to move higher Energy, to aid the healing and calming of patients/clients and their loved ones, and for the healing and positive movement of the Planet and ourselves.

Presenter: Reverend Deborah Steen Ross

(Bio – see above.)


6. Release Energy Healing Levels 1 and 2

  • Level 1 Fee – $650
  • Level 2 Fee – $400

(Certification Program – In-person training only)

RELEASE ENERGY HEALING is a different but equally effective energy technique that unwinds, releases and heals unresolved issues, agreements, contracts and hidden programs from deep within the client’s energy field. It is a very effective method of unraveling deeply seated, long term and past life issues. It is taught in two levels.

LEVEL ONE (2 day program):

LEVEL TWO (1 day program): explores the “Issue Therapy” aspect and teaches how to unwind the complex connections that hold these deeply rooted ideas in place. Learners who wish to progress to the Second Level must be proficient in the Level One work. Presenter: Reverend Deborah Steen Ross (See above)


All programs are open to the public unless otherwise indicated (*) for clergy and 2nd year ministerial students only
and are available by CD or download. Reiki and Release classes are conducted in the NVIS Space in Elmsford, NY – just 30 minutes from Manhattan.
Address and travel directions will be provided when registration is confirmed.



Distance Learning Electives now available in .mp3 or CD format include:

  • Becoming a Universal Human
  • The Shaman’s journey for Personal and Global Healing
  • Tao of Male and Female – Sacred Union
  • Deepening Your Spiritual Practice
  • Performing Christian Ritual as an Interfaith Minister*
  • Disaster Ministry*
  • Becoming A Universal Human
  • Introduction To Jewish Fall Holy Days
  • Mysticism Of The Vedas

             * for Clergy and Ministerial Students only.

The full course descriptions and registration form are available for download here: